Wall papers can give you a tremendous difference to the appearance. And right away you can transform your home. Wall papers are now available at wide range to make your living room,bedroom and kids room an amazing look. Ask us, whether you need damask for living room, floral for bedroom? We are ready to have a perfect selection for your home Ooty, Kotagiri, Coonoor, Manjoor, Gudalur, areas Including all Hatties and villages in and around Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu..

Wall paneling can be used as a decorative covering for wall covering anywhere in homes, offices etc gives a rich legacy as a elegant interior wall treatment. It gives a smooth, clean surface, pleasant view and touch and there are no grouting lines which discolour or dirt. Gives a natural insulation as a good thermal and acoustic insulation with soft and warm ambience. Repair and replacement is easy without much disturbance to wall.


wallpaper & wall panelling in ootywallpaper & wall panelling in ooty